Navigating life after college

The Navigators group over in Florida recently put up a blog about post-college life. The writer, Sammi Feliciani, shares her experience of emerging from college with big dreams but no sure plan. With the world before you, but no structure or order to navigate it is daunting. It’s easy to get paralyzed.

But when the fifty-first person asks me, “So, what’s next for you?” and writes me off as an aimless slacker based on my, “Uhh, well, I don’t really know,” answer, I think about Emily, Sam, Victoria and Nicki. These are some of the women who have poured into me over my college years. They’re ladies I have admired, learned from and imitated. I would be overjoyed to be a woman like any of them someday. But I don’t admire them because they’re perfect or because they never question or mourn or mess up or struggle. In fact, as I have seen each of them walk through death’s shadow, seen their own plans and dreams fall apart, and heard them share their hearts: the raw, real, sticky, tangled mess of lives wrecked by sin but redeemed through Christ, I’ve seen what trusting God really looks like. These women who have shepherded me didn’t always have everything together. In their moments of weakness, though, Christ’s strength was displayed most powerfully. These women brought me to Jesus, not to themselves and not to some amazing be-the-best-you-can-be life plan. He was, and is, more than enough.

When life seems to be losing its sense of order, and we encounter challenging new territory, our best bet is to look back to the rich heritage of blessings he has given us, through mentors, friends and family. God does not drop us off at the curb of life, or end after four years of undergrad. He has a plan for our lives, and that is to live with him in righteousness and peace.

Have you felt paralyzed by life after college? What have you learned about God’s faithfulness during transition?