6 Ways to Make Disciples

Caesar Kalinowski, a missionary, entrepreneur, church planter, and strategist, has some great ways to incorporation disciple-making into your life.

He suggests 6 Rhythms to use in your community. These are things that you can be intentional about, without making them additional things to add to your already-busy life.

1. Know the story – We all have a story. We must put our story into the context of God’s story, rather than the story told to us by our parents, or the media, or or boss.

2. Listening – We’re always listening to someone, but are we listening to God? We must listen to the Holy Spirit, and cultivate a rhythm of listening to God in community.

3. Celebrate – Life is living in a rhythm of celebration. Everyone has a birthday, and holidays, and graduations are over. Join that rhythm by celebrating our joy in eternal life.

4. Eat – We’re already eating every day. What if we were to have meals with people who we want to disciple?

5. Bless – Ask the Spirit to reveal to you 3 people you could bless each week. Imagine everyone in your neighborhood each blessing three people a week. It could transform a place.

6. Recreate – The rhythm of rest and work. Rest in Christ’s completed work, and then out of that, create beauty and value through our work. It’s the idea of Sabbath.

Via – The Verge


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