Praying for the impossible

by Jay N.

This last week was the Navigators Collegiate Fall Conference where 20s MIssion Chicago did a short breakout session for college seniors.  During the course of the conference, I heard quote from Helen Keller and it struck me as very relevant to this stage of life.

“All control is an illusion.”

What thoughts does it bring to mind? I often find myself wanting to have control even when I’m praying. I want to know what I’m getting, and what I need to do to get it. But if I limit my prayers to ones that I know will come true, then I won’t pray for anything bigger than what I can control myself.

And that would be a pity, because evidently God wants me to pray a lot  (“Ask … seek … knock …” Mt 7:7), and not just for the things I think are possible. One of the speakers at our collegiate conference, Tom Yeakley, also shared this from J. O. Sanders:

“God encourages us to ask for the impossible as well as the possible, because to him all things are the same – less than himself.”

Emerging graduates have a lot to pray about as they consider their future plans. We wanted to help them to ask and expect the impossible from God.

What impossible things are you asking of God?


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